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Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Virginia Beach

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We service the following cities: Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk, and Virginia Beach

Here at Conley's Carpet Cleaning Plus, we offer a wide array of services to help keep your hardwood floors looking their absolute best. While some companies only offer full sanding, which is the most expensive option besides replacement, we have different techniques that have proven effective at restoring hardwood floors. Most of the services that we offer can be done in just ONE DAY and walked on within a few hours. Plus our DUSTLESS HARDWOOD REFINISHING takes the worries of having a tremendous mess away! Call us to learn more about our hardwood restoration services.

Our Hardwood Restoration Process

First, we have to decide what type of services best fit your needs. Some floors simply need cleaned and buffed, some require special chemistry and equipment to remove build up and store bought “magic shine” products, some floors need fully sanded to bare wood and some need a maintenance screening and reapplication of the protection layers. No matter what service best fits your needs, we are happy to help guide you toward making the right decisions as it pertains to your valuable hardwood floors.

Wax Removal

One of our most popular hardwood services is wax removal. This is what we need to do when store bought products have been applied to your floors that need to be emulsified and removed. If you notice a milky or darker look to your floors, it’s likely that you (or your house cleaners) have applied a product that contains acrylic wax. These products will put a temporary shine on the surface of your floors and then accumulate dirt and scratches because they are not as hard as polyurethane. If you think you need wax removed from your hardwood floors in the Virginia Beach area, give us a call and we can test a spot to see if your floors require this treatment!

Screening & Reapplying

Another option we have at Conley’s to help maintain your hardwood floors is screening and reapplying the protection layers to your floor. Screening is a process that removes what’s left of the old protection layers on top of the wood, then lightly abrades the top of the wood to insure the new protection layers adhere to the surface. This is a process that many people don’t realize is something that should be done to their floors periodically as a maintenance that will keep their hardwood looking great forever. Unfortunately, if this maintenance is not done, the protective layers will wear off and your wood will be exposed. Once that happens, you will wear through the stain and expose bare wood, which typically means that you will have to fully sand the floors or replace them. Don’t wait until you start seeing stain wearing through to call us for your hardwood floor maintenance needs in Virginia Beach. You wouldn’t buy a new car and never change the oil, would you? Screening and reapplying the protective layers to your hardwood floors should be done every three to seven years depending on a number of factors. These factors include the number of people that live in your home, if you have pets, if you wear shoes inside, are you right by the beach, etc…Give us a call today to schedule an appointment!

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