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High-Quality Sidewalk Washing For Your Business In Virginia Beach

We service the following cities: Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk, and Virginia Beach


If you’re on the lookout for professional sidewalk washing in Virginia Beach, the only name you need to know is Conley’s Carpet Cleaning Plus. We’re proud to offer professional pressure washing for all of your sidewalk washing needs. Our experts utilize pressure washing to ensure your sidewalks are in the best shape possible for use year-round.

Taking care of your concrete should be a vital part of your commercial maintenance routine. Concrete is a porous material that soaks in contaminants easily once they’ve found ways to wiggle their way in. The best way to clean your concrete after it’s become stained is to hire a professional pressure washing company like us. Pressure washing is a great way to clean sidewalks because the high-powered water spray gets into all of the nooks and crannies of your concrete, flushing out any contaminants that are trying to break down the surface.

To keep all of your concrete clean and clear, pair our professional sidewalk washing with a driveway cleaning. Our services cut down on the time needed to clean away the dirt and grime built up on your concrete so you can get back to taking care of your business where it needs you most.

Why Invest In Sidewalk Washing?

Hiring a professional pressure washing company for sidewalk washing might seem like a waste of money. You could just do it yourself, right? There are actually quite a few important reasons you should invest in professional sidewalk washing for your commercial property. A professional sidewalk washing helps:

  • Make a good first impression
  • Reduce dangerous obstacles

Most of your visitors will find themselves using your sidewalks to get to your storefront and do business with you. By keeping your sidewalks cleaned and maintained, you’re showing your visitors you care about their safety and well-being. A professional sidewalk washing keeps your sidewalk both clean and maintained. This gives your visitors a clear view of any obstacles in their path and helps to ensure those obstacles don’t prove dangerous.

Sidewalk washing also gets rid of caustic debris that can break down the structure of your concrete. This debris, if not properly cleaned away, can lead to cracking and breakage in your sidewalk. Uneven walkways prove dangerous with tripping hazards everywhere, which could lead you to liability for injuries. By investing in professional sidewalk washing, you’re maintaining your sidewalk’s integrity and keeping your visitors safe.

Sidewalk washing also cleans away any standing water that might make a home on your concrete. Standing water can fill with mildew, which is slippery and dangerous, and in colder months, standing water can freeze and create ice patches prime for slipping on. Investing in seasonal sidewalk washing will keep your sidewalks clear of dangerous obstacles and have your visitors happy to revisit your business time and again.

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